24 strangers. 24 hours. 1 chance to connect.

The anthology play by award-winning author David James Parr is a theatrical experience featuring an evocative live music performance by singer-songwriter Hadiza Dockeray and her band. Each night the audience is invited on a unique date with surprising characters. And each night they will have 1 chance to connect with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of different strangers, played by nine versatile powerhouse actors in an interconnected portrait of love, lust, loneliness and connection in our modern world.

Come see your reflection in them… even when they can’t see themselves.

What are you waiting for?




Our Boundless Mission

Boundless Theater (A Stage Without Borders), is an original concept created and produced by Daniela Pavan & Tommaso Cartia, founders of NYC-based storytelling platform & multimedia production boutique Creative Point-On in collaboration with award-winning playwright David James Parr. Our mission is to return the spotlight to the underground scene of the performing arts by presenting exclusively curated, boutique performances from indie playwrights, actors, musicians and dancers in unconventional spaces starting from NYC’s Speakeasy-styled cabaret locations.

By Marco Gallotta

Our project invites the audience to go back to that communal, visceral and magical rituality of live theater that can profoundly transform consciences. And we are all reminded of the importance of this tradition now more than ever after we've witnessed how dramatically the global pandemic impacted the performing arts, as the curtains fell on stages all over the world almost indefinitely.

Now that we are gradually re-emerging from the emergency and we are seeing our cities and the community of the performing arts rebounding, Boundless Theater aims to go back to the origins of the theater experience. We are inspired by the experimental, avant-garde movements of theater, music and ballet that in the post-war era pushed the boundaries and inspired innovation shaping what we conceive as modern entertainment today.


A Borderless Stage

But we also want to be attuned to the fabric of the times we are living, that's why we want Boundless Theater to be a borderless and inclusive stage where the spotlight is and should be on talent welcoming artists of any nationality, gender identity, or age. Our stage is open to new voices, as well as established ones looking for a space to experiment with concepts that might not necessarily fall within the mainstream standards of the bigger entertainment venues. Therefore, Boundless Theater doesn't wish to compete with stages like Broadway, Lincoln Center, or Carnegie Hall, but wants to be an alternative, to showcase brilliant talent which the audience might not be able to experience elsewhere and offered to them in a more affordable way.

Starting in NYC, we want Boundless Theater to turn into a traveling show across North America and possibly without borders.


Our Artistic Manifesto

“Welcome to Boundless Theater, a safe space where imagination makes the creative soul quiver and muses turn humans into dreamers. This stage tonight is for us, for all of us who have been locked down for too long in a still life trembling for motion, for emotions. Tonight, we are boundless, limitless, fearless. Tonight, let’s speak-easy, let’s breathe easy, let’s sing easy, let’s dance easy, let’s embrace each other, easily. Let’s live dreams and let’s dream of lives…”
(Tommaso Cartia)