When the voices of creativity, innovation & business become as one. 

The former Creative Pois-On Podcast - an original idea by Daniela Pavan & Tommaso Cartia, Founders of Creative Point-On, has spanned more than 60 episodes over the course of 2 years and hosted about 100 personalities from the world of art, culture, and business.

The exploration of creativity continues today with The Creative Point-On Podcast, pulsating from the vibrant heart of NYC to connect with creative points all over the world.

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Creative Point-On Podcast


Imagination, creativity, connection, transformation, enlightenment... seasons of a journey, of a collective vision into the future. The Creative Point-On Podcast is the voice of innovation, the voice of a generation pioneering brand new ways to navigate the uncertain waters of our multi-dimensional, overly digitalized world, trying to make sense of our relationship with the unknown.

We look at the voices in our podcast as bridge-builders, connectors between all of the creative points in the world, to escape the entanglements of massification, and the traps of isolation. Every month a different host, a different voice, comes to converse with us and our special guests on a specific topic, discussed from both a cultural and business point of view to show how much the power of our creativity can be the secret tool to ease & light up both our professional and personal life.




After a brief introduction The Creative Briefing hosted by our Artistic Directors Daniela Pavan & Tommaso Cartia, Daniela discusses the monthly topic by connecting the dots between the world of business and creativity, exploring its potential and providing insights and ideas on The Creative Bridge episode. Then Tommaso  continues the conversation on his The Creative Being episode giving voice to a more humanistic perspective, adressing the topic from a cultural point of view with interpolations from the world of entertainemnt, iconography and pop culture. The final episode of the month, The Creative Interview is graced by a special guest who represents the ultimate embodiment of the treated topic and gives the audience an inspirational vision into the future.


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